Why Choose Seamless Data for Wireless Interent

Why choose Seamless.net for wireless internet, you might ask yourself? Seamless.net has been doing wireless broadband internet for a long time. In 2002 (that was a long time ago in this industry), we started Seamless.net with a single tower in Emporia and have been growing ever since. We now have thirteen (13) tower sites and cover over 1250 square miles of the Flint Hills with reliable, true wireless, broadband internet. The satisfaction of our customer base tells us we are doing things right.

We get asked all the time how we compare to other internet providers in the area and we are eager to be compared with other providers. Since we only deal in true wireless broadband internet, dial-up access isn’t discussed here. We believe, and our customer loyalty has shown, that we are absolutely the best high-speed wireless internet value in the area.

Here are the important factors (in no particular order) to consider when shopping for wireless internet:

1. Cost
Frankly, we didn’t set out to be the cheapest – we wanted to be the best. That being said, we have service plans which are very competitive in both monthly rates and up-front costs. The speed of our system is significantly faster than that of our competitor’s similarly-priced packages.

2. Total cost of ownership
This includes the install fees, equipment fees, monthly fees, repair fees, service fees, etc. Other ISP’s lure with low monthly payments only to find out they have substantial up-front costs and fees. Seamless.net offers service with no install fees and no equipment fees and no equipment to buy. Seamless.net maintains ownership of the equipment, making us responsible for any repairs. We do require a $50 equipment deposit which you get back at the end of your service agreement.

3. Internet speed
Our philosophy at Seamless.net has always been that ‘life’s too short for dial-up’. In today’s busy world, it is all about speed and Seamless.net is the fastest wireless provider in the area. Our competitors offer cheaper packages, which are basically enhanced dial-up speeds. We deliver 1 MB speeds at our regular service rates – 3 times the speed of our competition for less cost. Our competitors charge over $100 monthly to achieve these speeds.

4. Tech support
To be fair, this needs to be broken down into two sections: internet tech support and computer tech support. Our computer PC repair lab is staffed full-time by a group of Microsoft certified engineers who work on PC’s daily for area individuals and businesses. If a PC has a problem, we can handle it. On the internet tech support side, if there is a problem, we will send somebody to your home or business and fix it for you. No more two-hour long telephone tech support calls.

5. Support availability
Seamless.net has our own support team; we don’t farm it out to the lowest bidder. You are assured of fast, competent support every time.

6. Competence
Seamless.net has put together the highest quality staff in the area. We understand the ISP business from top to bottom. We design, run and maintain our own servers, network and equipment. We totally understand its operation inside and out.

7. Reliability
The internet used to be a novelty. It is now a necessity and we treat it that way. We have designed our network with redundancy to insure maximum uptime. We monitor our network 24X7 to insure proper operation. This translates to a highly reliable service which is second to none.

8. Customer satisfaction
The best barometer for our service is how many people leave. In the years since we began, the number of customers who have discontinued our service is surprisingly low. We believe our high customer satisfaction is due to our product, our people, our network, and that we have a system that actually works.

9. Contract term
Seamless.net has two options, 1-year and 2-year commitments; both are pretty standard across the industry. Call us at 620-343-8500 for more information.