Seamless Wireless Internet Coverage wireless internet coverage spans more of the Flint Hills than any other broadband internet service provider. Our thirteen (13) tower sites provide reliable, rapid wireless internet to our customers in Lyon, Coffey and Osage counties. Our wireless internet coverage is considered to be one of the largest internet providers in the area. delivers speeds at over 50 times the speed of a standard dial-up. And, our ‘always on’ connection eliminates the frustrating and time-consuming connection wait time associated with dial-up services. These two factors alone make a more pleasing, user-friendly and highly sought after wireless internet tool – particularly when compared to dial-up.

We provide wireless internet service to Emporia, Americus, Olpe, Hartford, Neosho Rapids, Reading, Miller, and areas surrounding Emporia.
We are a one-stop internet provider – our internet service plans include equipment, labor and the fastest speeds in the area. Our prices are lower than satellite or other wireless providers. Give us a call and we will give you the details – 620-343-8500.

We Provide Wireless Internet Services In:

  • Emporia
  • Americus
  • Olpe
  • Hartford
  • Neosho Rapids
  • Reading
  • Miller
  • Areas surrounding Emporia

We Provide 3 Levels of Internet Packages:

    • Download    2 Meg
    • Upload          758 K
    • Download     4 Meg
    • Upload           1 Meg
    • Download      5 Meg
    • Upload           1.5 Meg

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