Seamless Remote Backup Solution

Seamless Data Systems offers a remote backup service for safe, secure offsite backup storage. Backing up your data is not a luxury, it is a necessity. All you need is an internet connection. Traditional backup methods can cost thousands of dollars for the backup hardware and software. On top of that, it’s a daily process that reduces employee productivity and lowers profitability. It also poses a security risk to transport your backup files offsite for storage, not to mention this process can be easily overlooked when employees are squeezed for time. The Seamless remote backup system can solve all of these problems, and best of all, again, all you need is an internet connection.

  • We install a small program on your computer
  • No equipment to buy
  • Quick setup
  • Files backed up daily
  • Completely automatic
  • Safe, secure offsite storage
  • Ideal for remote laptops
  • Easy file recovery

With Seamless Remote Backup Service, there is no hardware to buy or keep track of. We simply install a small program on your computer or server, tell it what files to backup and how long to keep them, and we are done. Period.

Worry-Free Strategy
Our system automatically backs up your data to our remote server every 24 hours using your internet connection. For added peace of mind, you can choose to receive e-mails notifying you each time your daily backup is completed.

Our system uses secure encryption to get your data from your place to our HIPPA-compliant server. This ensures your data is safe during transport as well as during storage.

Laptop Protection
With Seamless Remote Backup, your laptop will stay protected as long as there is an internet connection available. Also, data can be restored to a remote laptop automatically. How valuable would this be for a sales rep in a distant city who has just deleted or corrupted the PowerPoint presentation needed for a meeting?

Effortless Recovery
You can recover deleted or corrupted files yourself using our desktop program, or we can do it for you from our office. Even severe problems, like a crashed hard drive, are easy to fix. We simply replace the drive, reload Windows, then restore your old files to your new drive, painlessly and automatically.

We offer a remote backup service over the internet. There are no tapes to switch out, or drives to swap, just a simple program that runs in the background and backs up your data. Once we have backed up all your files, we use a process that checks if a file has changed, and then back up only the changes. This way we are able to prevent high bandwidth usage.

Have a large amount to backup up in the beginning? Not a problem – we can take the initial backup on site, and then only back up the changes from that point on.

Restoring is as easy as using the backup client to browse for where the file should be and selecting Restore. Low on time? Let us know and we can restore it for you.