Reasons to Choose Seamless

If you are wondering what the reasons to choose Seamless Data Systems for your computer repairs and IT support are, you need to know that our main goal is to ensure our customers are happy with our service. We do this by listening and working closely with you, in a positive and friendly manner. Listed below are even more reasons why Seamless is the best choice.

Seamless is a complete Computer, Network Support, and Software Service Company
With seven (7) IT engineers who work very closely with one another, Seamless possesses a combined total of over 80 years of IT experience. Our engineers enjoy sharing resolutions to new problems and constantly keep each other informed about the latest and greatest problems and solutions. As a result, our clients are the benefactor of their relationships and knowledge. This means our engineers solve problems more rapidly and more efficiently than others in the same field who find themselves individually researching new problems. Consequently, we solve our client’s problems in less time, which directly translates to a less expensive bill for our clients!
Experience & Qualifications

Seamless Data Systems has been in business for over 12 years, allowing our engineers to become highly knowledgeable and experienced in all facets of computer and network service and support (MCSE, Linux, CNE, Apple, Dell). Seamless prides itself in hiring knowledgeable, personable and friendly engineers who can interact with employees and management in a comfortable and positive manner.

Since our employees are our most important asset, we hire honest, thoughtful, hardworking people who understand the importance of our client’s systems and data and who take great pride in helping others. During our hiring process, all of our staff must undergo a thorough background check. We want our clients to know that their data and hardware are safe and secure with Seamless.

Friendly and Personable Staff
Seamless Data Systems knows the value of our clients’ happiness. This includes their comfort level while working with our staff. We take extra care to hire the right people. We want your experience with us to be positive – so you will not have feelings of intimidation or experience any lack of communication with us! We take the time to listen and answer questions in language that is easily understood. And, if that is not enough, we have a Director of Happiness. It is her job to ensure that all of our clients are happy with our service. If not, let her know and she will take care of it.

Work and Time Efficiency
Our engineers can be in and out of your offices (either actually onsite or remoting in) and solve the problem quicker than you can explain what needs to be done to one of your own non-IT staff. This saves your company time and money, it also avoids two of your people thinking about or working on the same problem – this also minimizes downtime for your employees.

Minimal Footprint
Since Seamless Data Systems began, one of our goals has been to provide all of our customers with the best and most complete computer support anywhere. When we work with your equipment, our goal is to leave the most minimal footprint possible so as not to interrupt employees or workflow. One of the ways we accomplish this is by using server-based centralized management. When we meet our objective, our services are seamless.

One-Quarter Hour Billing Increments
Seamless bills in quarters of an hour (who does that nowadays?). Since we are highly experienced and we solve problems as fast as they can be solved, it makes our client’s bills smaller than they would be from our competitors.

We Can Provide Assistance to your Company’s IT Department
If your company has its’ own IT Department or your IT Department is located in a different city, Seamless Data Systems can be contracted to assist your company’s in-house or off-site IT staff. Seamless is the ideal partner when your IT staff is unable to perform pop-up projects or special or unusual services because their workload just will not allow it. Seamless is also the perfect choice when ‘remoting in’ won’t solve your onsite problems and when you need ‘boots on the ground’ to pull cable or fix hardware issues. Seamless can save your company major mileage and travel expense, not to mention the downtime your company can be faced with if your current IT staff are pulled away from day-to-day issues to fix off-site problems.

We strive to provide quality, up-to-the minute computer service to all our clients who have repeatedly told us how pleased they are with our honest, simple and seamless approach. Our clients continue to show us their satisfaction by turning to us again and again.